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Brian Haggard: Vintage Visions

September 12-October 28, 2017
Beavers Terrace Gallery (Second Floor)

Borrowing embroidery techniques and designs from late 19th-century quilts, Brian Haggard’s whimsical, hand-made pieces often elicit the question, Is it old or new?

Haggard’s Crazy quilt-inspired artwork incorporates rich fabrics, an extensive vocabulary of stitches, and found objects and trim mined from antique stores. “Adopting” old photographs, he transfers pictures of long-gone strangers to new generations. Clock faces, too, reference the passage of time—both in the sense of history, and in terms of his own creative process: the quiet and solitude of hours spent sewing, each stitch guiding him to the next, until a vision is realized.

As a boy, Haggard discovered needlework as a creative outlet when his parents gave him a sewing machine. His grandmother gave him a crochet needle, floss, and sketches to follow. Today, he works as an interior designer in Indianapolis, writes about needlework, designs fabric, and teaches classes in the United States and abroad. Haggard hopes to inspire others to find their creative wellspring.