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Quiltscapes & Quiltline by Pauline Burbidge

Inspired by antique quilts viewed in her twenties, stirred by the feel of cloth, stitching and making, love for the ineffable qualities of rural places on this earth, and enabled by artistic training—for over forty years quiltmaking has moved Pauline Burbidge. Her quilts have developed from repeated studies of her subjects in each block to her more recent “Quiltscapes” that emulate the awesome and wild landscapes of the natural world she closely observes. Her cumulative accomplishments have made her a pre-eminent UK-based studio quilter whose work is in the major UK museums and in collections worldwide. Drawing from the International Quilt Study Center’s holdings, the largest institutional collection of her work in the world, and newly-created pieces by Burbidge, Quilt House is honored to host Pauline Burbidge’s first USA solo show of the millennium.