Now it’s time to put those white cotton gloves to use.

During the quilt examination, volunteers will take physical measurements, including length, width and quilt stitches per inch if hand quilted. While this is in process, another volunteer can document information provided by the owner. Ask questions about the maker, origination date and location and any other provenance that may be known. Some of the information may be anecdotal.

If you have reference books or a quilt historian available, you can reference the block or applique pattern and estimate the date, date range and other historical information.

Once all information is completed on the form, move the quilt to the label station. Have a volunteer write the gathered information directly on to a muslin label with an archival marker. We use Pigma pens.

Baste the completed label with large stitches (about 1/2-inch) to the quilt’s back corner. Loosely knot the thread ends.

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