My Doll and I Learn About Samantha's World

Saturday, February 17, 2018 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Description: My Doll and I Learn About Samantha's World workshop with instructor Sheila Green

The featured quilts will come from the exhibitions: “Ken Burns Collection” and “Binding Threads: The James Family Collection.” 1900-1910 will be the highlighted time period as the children learn about life during that time through American Girl doll Samantha from 1904, Susan B. Anthony and antique German and French dolls. Just like Samantha and all girls of the era, we'll create, play games and enjoy snacks. We will make flower hair wreaths for ourselves and our dolls and receive “table talk” cards as we learn about proper etiquette during our Tea Party, just like those in the early 1900’s. We'll discuss the many changes in technology of the times—new-fangled innovations! We will learn that a very important gift is to give of yourself.

Cost: $20 ( $16 for Members )