"When Quilts Speak" by World of Quilts Travel

Friday, August 11, 2017
Description: Join World of Quilts Travel to see, enjoy and learn stories behind inscribed quilts during “When Quilts Speak,” August 10-12, at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. Whether it be to preserve a special memory or for sentimental reasons, in many ways, makers throughout history have left inscriptions of names and words on their quilts. The IQSCM has collected, preserved, and researched a growing collection of inscribed quilts and will share some of their best treasures and findings during this quilt study weekend. Programs will include viewing quilts with curators and experts, lectures, and more.

The price of this fundraising event is $375 and includes:
* Multiple behind-the-scenes turnings of pieces from the Inscribed Quilt Collection
* Personalized exhibit tours
* Special lectures
* Hands-on events
* Welcome Reception
* Lunches
* Transportation between IQSCM & Hotel
* One year museum membership
​* Gift bag