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Yesterday: Civil Rights in the South

Yvonne Wells’s first quilt, made from necessity in 1979, was the initial step on a path of discovery. Her story and picture quilts express her spirituality, humor, and life experiences. Her self-taught approach to quilt construction and her work in isolation from others has solidified her own voice. She makes her quilts for herself, to satisfy the compulsion to create, to express something she wants to say.

Her work as an artist has encompassed seeing her quilts exhibited in galleries, included in museum collections, and acquired by folk art collectors. In 1998 she also earned the prestigious Alabama Arts Award and the Visual Craftsmanship Award from the Alabama Arts Council. “I taught myself and have had no formal training in quiltmaking. I consider myself a quilt artist and take pride in making big, bold, primitive and unusual quilts.”

Click images below to view larger and read more information about some of the quilts included in the exhibit.
More detailed information is also available about the symbolism seen in Yesterday: Civil Rights in the South.

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