The Stories Live On

The Mountain Mist Collection almost did not survive. Over the decades, the quilts faded in sunny store windows and suffered wear and tear when shipped back and forth across the country. In 2008, after the Mountain Mist brand was sold, the collection was stored in a Florida warehouse with its final fate undetermined.

Thanks to the generosity of the Robert & Ardis James Foundation, in 2012 the IQSCM acquired 150 quilts and other items. In 2014, Linda Pumphrey, a marketing executive for the Mountain Mist brand, donated 85 printing plates and many boxes of important company records. These records are housed in the University of Nebraska Libraries, Archives and Special Collections.

The following materials have been instrumental in preparing this exhibition. To learn more, we encourage you to explore them on your own.

Pumphrey, Linda. “Stearns & Foster Company, (1846-1900): The Inside Story.” Uncoverings 2009. Lincoln, Nebraska: American Quilt Study Group, 2009, 103-134.

Stearns & Foster Company. The Mountain Mist Blue Book of Quilts: Celebrating 150 Years of Perfect Quilting, 1845-1996. Cincinnati, 1996.

Waldvogel, Merikay. “The Origins of Mountain Mist® Patterns.” Uncoverings 1995. San Francisco: American Quilt Study Group, 1995, 95-138.

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