Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham (born 1952) has been quilting for 36 years. Having studied with esteemed American quilter Mary Schafer, traditional techniques are the foundation upon which Cunningham has developed his unique, personal style. He often responds critically to current events or natural disasters by making a quilt when he feels helpless to do anything else. Cunningham’s 11 books on quilts include Men and the Art of Quiltmaking.

“For me, having been steeped in a conservative approach from the beginning of my quiltmaking practice in 1979, I still carry a lot of traditional ideas in my work. I am, for instance, making something that can be used as a blanket, a human-sized object that one could use to wrap up in, against the coldness of the universe. I am using commercial fabrics mostly, instead of dyeing or printing my own. I am using standard quiltmaking techniques, sometimes even hand quilting on an old-fashioned frame.”