Maker unknown, probably Rabari
Circa 1975-2000
Probably in Gujarat, India
IQSCM 2010.022.0001

Patricia Stoddard, associate fellow ★
Bright and bold ralli hail from the arid lands of western India and eastern Pakistan and are the creative output of traditionally nomadic tribal groups—including the Rabari. Women often speak of making their ralli while thinking about “what they will look like under a starry sky.”

Nebraska State Quilt Guild member
I love the texture and the movement of the quilt—and the colors!

Marin Hanson
Having visited Gujarat, India in 2009, this quilt transports me back to the colors, sounds, and activity I experienced while I was there. I’m particularly fond of the stylized Tree of Life, peacock, and temple motifs in the center of this quilt.

Nebraska State Quilt Guild member
It reminds me of my sister-in-law and brother’s lives in India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

International Quilt Study Center & Museum
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