Maker unknown
Circa 1910-1930
IQSCM 1998.003.0002

Marin Hanson, curator of exhibitions ★
Although we might imagine this Japanese patchwork garment being worn to impress others, it was actually meant as an under-kimono. Its elaborately dyed and stitched fabrics would never have been seen, other than perhaps peeking out at the collar or at the robe’s overlapping opening.

Carolyn Ducey
This was one of the first patchwork garments I saw. It opened a new world of patchwork to me and made me realize quilting was bigger than I imagined.

Leslie Levy
Each individual fabric is interesting, but when sewn together in this kimono, the overall effect is striking. I love the symmetry. 

Laura Chapman
Not even the “Fashion Police” could find fault with the fabulous fabrics used in this piece. #want

Marin Hanson
Yes! Would wearing this kimono transport me to a hot spring somewhere in the Japanese mountains? Probably not, but I’d love to try! #alsowant

International Quilt Study Center & Museum
Other IQSCM patchwork garments include this Seminole Native American skirt, Turkmen child’s tunic, and Chinese jacket.