Curator Janet Price (IQSCM Collections Manager) chose 14 quilts made by Grace Snyder to be featured in this exhibition. While the quilts must be viewed in person to fully appreciate the artistry and workmanship of the Quilters Hall of Fame inductee Snyder, the images below provide a preview. With the exception 'Flower Basket Petit Point' which is loaned by the Nebraska State Historical Society, all quilts in this exhibition are generously loaned by descendents of Grace Snyder.

This exhibition showcased quilts made by Grace Snyder, an icon of American quiltmaking. Recognized in the United States as one of the twentieth century's most accomplished quiltmakers, Grace's legacy lives on in the twenty-four quilts she created for exhibitions and competitions, several of which are included in this exhibition.

In 1999, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine asked twenty-nine quilt experts to select the one hundred best American quilts of the twentieth century. In the first round of nominations, over half of the participants chose Grace Snyder's "Flower Basket Petit Point" which automatically qualified the quilt for inclusion in the final list. Finished in 1943, Grace made this remarkable masterpiece in sixteen months using approximately 87,000 tiny triangles to reproduce a china design produced by the Salem China Company of Salem, Ohio.

By displaying her quilts throughout the country, Grace established herself as one of the preeminent quiltmakers in mid-twentieth century America. Her significant achievements were acknowledged in 1980 when, at age 98, she was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame.

Grace Snyder's legacy as a prize-winning quiltmaker is firmly established. Less well known, however, is Grace's private side, as represented by the many family quilts she made over the years. IQSC Collections Manager Janet Price, in fulfillment of her masters degree program in Quilt Studies, designed the exhibition to showcase 13 of Grace's public and private quilts along with pieces of her other handicrafts and memorabilia from Grace's rich life in the Nebraska Sand Hills. The quilts on display were loaned from Grace's descendants and the Nebraska State History Museum. The National Quilting Association generously provided funding