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Pineapple Variation Quilts

The Pineapple block is the most complex of the Log Cabin constructions. No matter which way the block is rotated, it appears the same: it is both horizontally and vertically symmetrical. As a result, there is only one basic setting for Pineapple variation blocks, in contrast with the many variations possible using the basic Log Cabin block.

The Pineapple block design radiates from the center. The overlapping angled strips produce a jagged edge that creates a dazzling whirl of motion. When these blocks are pieced together in a quilt the effect is even stronger. As the eye locates the many small triangular points of this edge, the result is a push-pull effect. This causes the light and dark portions to advance and then recede.

Increasing the number of fabric strips in the block causes the diagonals to advance. Although just one setting is used for the Pineapple block, the visual motion it creates is as dynamic as the other Log Cabin variations.

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