Covering the War

Whole Cloth

Made by Verena Schmid
Dated 1947
Made in Cedar Rapids, Nebraska
IQSCM 2007.020.0001, Gift of Gerald Gordon in memory of the James Gordon family and Verena Schmid

Saturday Evening Post, Cover
July 7, 1945
John Falter, illustrator
Nebraska State Historical Society, O 10645-141

Silky-smooth white fabric made an especially luxurious choice for a baby quilt. Verena Schmid created the quilt for her sister Leona’s son, Gerald (“Jerry”) Gordon, from the parachute his uncle, Bill Gordon, brought home from World War II. Verena transformed an article of war into a covering of peace. Leona wrote this about the quilt: “It was so slick I couldn’t use it as Jerry would slide out of the quilt. Even war has its humor.”