Covering the War

Winding Ways

Made for Bundles for Britain
Maker unknown
Circa 1930-1940
IQSCM 2008.012.0001, Gift of Helen Kelley

British War Relief Society Poster
Circa 1941-1945
United States
Nebraska State Historical Society, O 4541-641


This quilt of everyday fabrics had a trans-Atlantic story that began during World War II. The German bombing blitz of Britain in 1940-41 destroyed or damaged more than a million homes and killed thousands of civilians. Americans donated food, clothing and bedding to relief organizations that responded to the crisis. The Betterton family received this quilt, wrapped around food. In 2000, Sheila Betterton, textile specialist at the American Museum in Bath, England, felt the quilt should return to the United States, so she gave it to an American friend who gave it the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.