British artist Pauline Burbidge creates rich depictions of nature through her mastery of textiles. Her pieces express both distant horizons and intimate details of nature that inspire a sense of spirituality and connection she feels deeply.

“(My) work is made by the fusing together of textiles and the natural world and the combining of elements so that you can hardly see the difference… the landscape is in the room with you.”

This exhibition features Burbidge’s explorations of water and grasses, layered in horizontal bands with row after row of stitched lines like a landscape stretched before you. Though seemingly simple, Burbidge uses complex structure to build her scenes through a combination of pleating, stitching and painting.

For more than 40 years, Pauline Burbidge has made quilts and is considered the preeminent art quilter of the United Kingdom. She lives and has her studio near Allanton, Scotland, at Allanbank Mill Steading.