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Inspiration: Four-Block Quilts

Four-block quilts, a traditional style popular in quiltmaking between 1850 and 1900, often featured floral motifs, stars, or eagles. Quiltmakers repeated a single motif in each of the four distinct blocks to make the quilt surface. Most nineteenth-century quiltmakers used the popular red-and-green color scheme on a white background.

Both quilts in this group use the traditional layout of the four-block quilt, but the colors and design have been updated to meet modern trends. The English Rose variation incorporates a lighter green shade, yellow, and orange sateen fabrics, a scalloped border, and fanciful flowers and vines to show the maker’s modern and unique tastes. The Cherry Tree quilt, a modern quilt kit based on an old design, is an example of how professional designers and pattern companies standardized shapes.

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