Previous Symposia

2011: Quilted and Corded Needlework: International Perspectives

Drawing inspiration from the International Quilt Study Center's current exhibition, Marseille: White Corded Quilting, the Center's fifth biennial symposium explored the elegant tradition of quilted and corded needlework that inspired international fashion and trade.

Invited Speakers:
Linda Baumgarten, curator of textiles and costumes at Colonial Williamsburg, discussed the wide array of quilting styles and techniques popular from 1600 to 1800.

Kathryn Berenson, world-renowned expert on French textiles, traced 'French' and 'Marseille' quilting in the western world through a review of surviving pieces and historical documents.

Laurel Horton, independent quilt researcher and award-winning author, focused on early American white bedcovers and examine the associations with patchwork that led to the romantic portrayal of quilts emerging from necessity on the colonial frontier.

Beverly Lemire, Professor of History at the University of Alberta, explored the development of quilt culture in the west, tracing this culture through the twists and turns of high politics and popular fashions.

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Tours and Other Sessions
Curator-led tours of the exhibitions Marseille: White Corded Quilting and
The Art Quilt Revisted, as well as behind-the-scenes conservation and exhibition tours.
Jonathan Holstein, nationally known quilt collector, historian and author, and co-curator of the landmark exhibition in 1971 at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York entitled "Abstract Design in American Quilts" facilitated a Show and Tell session on Saturday afternoon.