Quilt of the Month

February 2008

February 2008

Maker unknown
Possibly made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
c. 1925-1935
94" x 84"
IQSC 1997.007.0796
Ardis and Robert James Collection of Antique and Contemporary Quilts
Perfecting the Past: Colonial Revival Quilts Exhibition

In early anticipation of spring we present to you, in lieu of a Valentine, this beautiful bouquet quilt. Sometime between 1925 and 1935 an unknown quiltmaker carefully constructed the top for this quilt following a design most likely from a pattern or a kit. The pansies, irises, poppies, and bow-knotted ribbons were cut from bright cottons and hand appliqued onto a broadcloth surface. Hand quilting and a bias applied binding, finish the piece.

As the United States entered the 20th century, a current of reverence and nostalgia for the long past colonial period swept the national consciousness. This phenomenon resulted in the construction of many quilts, like this one, that incorporate design elements associated with colonial America. The designer of this kit or pattern captured the national sentiment for colonial times and through distribution in a magazine or on the shelves of a general store, shared it with a wide ranging portion of the population. For a more detailed discussion of the colonial revival movement you may enjoy one or both of the discussions on the subject we have available:

"Colonial Revival Influence on Quilt Design" by Dr. Virginia Gunn
"Perfecting the Past: Colonial Revival Quilts" by Melissa Slaton

Thanks to the tender care this quilt received over the years, The International Quilt Study Center & Museum is now able to share it with you. Happy Valentines Day!