Through the Trees: Solstice Moon

December, 2011

Through the Trees: Solstice Moon

Chris Wolf Edmonds
Through the Trees: Solstice Moon

Berryton, Kansas
Purchase made possible through the James Foundation Acquisition Fund, 2005.005.0001

Chris Wolf Edmonds patiently joins narrow contrasting strips of fabric in Through the Trees: Solstice Moon, often re-cutting and re-sewing adjoining strips to create overlaps and intersections. This cumulative process stretches out across the quilt’s wide surface, and while no horizon is visible in this landscape, it’s nevertheless there. Edmonds pioneered this sliced-piecing process for her series of “blurred landscape” quilts.

Process and materials come together in the studio quilt—artists rely on the interplay between them to create expressive surfaces. Extremely labor intensive, studio quilts grow from a cumulative process of mark-making—stitches, shapes, and colors are applied and re-applied to form the artist’s visual statement.